Grilled Peaches with whipped coconut milk and honey

Grilled Peaches with whipped coconut milk and honey by


I am sharing another fresh fruit recipe with you all today.  I seriously can’t get enough recipes with seasonal foods!  These Grilled Peaches with whipped coconut milk and honey are to die for.  Grilling season is in full swing and the first batch of peaches are ready.  Nothing is better than peaches and cream but I wanted to put a different spin on it.  You can’t go wrong with an all natural grilled fruit dessert!

Fresh Grilled Peaches with coconut milk and honey

Peaches are by far my favorite fruit ever!  They are so juicy and sweet.  My three year old daughter follows in my footsteps with her love for peaches.  We drove to the same local orchard I bought strawberries from earlier this year and picked up a half peck of peaches.  These are the first peaches of the year and are a bit smaller than the ones that will be ready in August.  They are still good!

Grilled Peaches with coconut milk and honey

For grilling the peaches, first you want to cut around the large seed in the middle and twist the peaches until they detach from the seed.  On a grill outside (we used the gas grill) over low heat grill both sides of the peaches for 3 minutes per side or until you see grill marks.  Make sure not to over grill them.

To make the whipped coconut milk, place a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge the day before.  The thick cream will separate from the liquid milk.  Place your mixing bowl in the freezer 15 minutes before.  Remove the mixing bowl from the freezer and add the thick coconut milk.  Mix on high speed until stiff peaks or about 3 – 5 minutes.

Add a dollop of the whipped coconut milk to each peach and drizzle with honey.  The honey gives the coconut milk a sweet taste since I didn’t add any sugar.  I wanted this recipe to be healthy as possible without added preservatives.

Grilled Peaches with whipped coconut milk and honey

You get a bit of smokiness from the grilled peaches, cream from the coconut milk and sweetness from the honey.  They are not overly sweet and just the prefect grilled fruit dessert!


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    There is nothing better than grilling a fruit to bring that sweetness to a whole new level. I have never tried peaches with whipped coconut milk, but wow! This is sure to be fabulous.
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