Blackberry Mint Infused Water

Blackberry Mint Infused Water by The Casual Craftlete


It’s officially summer here in Southern Illinois.  It’s been in the mid 80’s all week.  One way I like to cool off is by drinking water.  I just love this Blackberry Mint Infused Water!  I actually like drinking water but sometimes the plain ol water is just boring.  Adding fruit and herbs make it enjoyable and taste delicious.   This is such a refreshing drink and its darn pretty.

Blackberry Mint Water  The Casual Craftlete

My neighbor Amy from A Blossoming Life has a garden and gave me a generous amount of mint.  I already had some blackberries in the ice box and thought the two would be good together.  I was right!  This flavor combo is defiantly a winner.  It almost reminds me of the Blackberry Clearly Canadian.  Do you remember those?  They were a special treat in my house growing up.  I think they were kind of pricey so we only got them occasionally.

Blackberry Mint Infused Water

There really is no exact recipe for the infused water.  All I did some mash about a handful of blackberries releasing their juices into a pitcher.  Then I rubbed the mint in my hands to release the oils and placed them in the same pitcher.  Just add water and let infuse for at least 2 hours.  I recommend over night for full flavor.  You and your family can drink the blackberry mint infused water on a daily basis or serve at a summer party or bbq.

What other flavored water combos do you like?

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    Yes! It’s too darn hot here this week and I could use a quick refresher. I’ve also got a bundle of mint leftover from Mother’s Day agua fresca. Definitely going to put this together:)

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    wow, this looks so good! I just love blackberries and black current anything! I’m def. going to have to try it this summer!

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    I’m going to have to try this–I drink way too much coffee and flavored drinks with a lot of chemicals in them. This would be so much healthier and it looks so refreshing, too!

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    This looks so delicious and refreshing. It is making me thirsty! I definitely love mint and want to try to grow it this year. I already have several other herbs in the works. I guess I will be on the hunt! Thanks for a great post! Now…off to get a drink.

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    This does sound delicious! I’ve tried the lemon cucumber combination before, but I have a hard time with cucumber in water. Maybe the blackberry would add enough sweet? I’m glad I found your post through the Monday Funday link party.

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    I’m straight up obsessed with infused water right now, thanks to pitcher with a handy little core for infusing that I got for Mother’s Day. This combo sounds delicious!

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    yummmm! I love jazzing up my water so I drink more of it and it keeps me off of soda. I agree, water can get so boring. I never thought of this combo and can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing at The Makers :) Pinning!

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    Love infused waters! Made them all last summer. I have lots of mint..why didn’t I ever think about using it?? OY! My brain has turned to much! LOL Thanks for sharing and making me remember the mint!!

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    This would be perfect refresher for the middle of the day. I’m stopping by from the link up & I hope your having a great Wednesday.

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    This sounds like an amazingly refreshing drink! I love the addition of the mint! Thanks for linking up to my Creative Ways Link Party this week! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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    Hi Katie! I’m stopping by from Mouthwatering Fridays. I’ve made a few infused waters before and they’re definitely a great way to spice up some plain old water. This looks like a delicious combination. And I totally used to love Clearly Canadian when I was growing up too. I used to get them from our local bagel place!

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    This looks delicious. I’ve made mint infused water before but I haven’t added berries. I’m going to have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Hi sweetie! I’m hopping over from the SITS linky party today. Love this fresh and wonderful drink anything with berries gets a yes please from me! I hope you shared at my Thursday hop too ( you can link up through Sat) Hugs!

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    This looks so delicious! I usually kick it old school and just add lemon to my water, but as summer approaches I’ve been seeing a lot of these fruit and herb combos, so I think I need to try something new! I pinned this to try later. Yum!

    Stopping by from the Creative Ways link party.

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    This looks and sounds amazing Katie!! I love the flavor blend too, good idea. Thank you so much for sharing at the Inspiration Monday party, pinning & sharing on FB today :)

    xo, Tanya

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    I just love how fresh this looks – I bet it tastes so good and refreshing! Thanks for linking up at The Creative Exchange linky party!


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